An Alphabet of Flowers

We can all agree that 2020 has been a pretty sucky year and a lot of us have struggled to keep our creative motivation up during such uncertain and scary times. I for one took a little break from social media during the month of August, with big plans to get super creative and make lots of new work. But sometimes even our best made plans don't come to fruition.

On my return to my online community in September I decided to set myself a small scale personal project to get my creativity flowing again. 100 days projects are a little bit too long for me, so I decided to set myself a shorter challenge and do an alphabet based project consisting of 26 individual illustrations and give myself 30 days to complete it.


I did my research and made a list of all the flowers I would illustrate and set about annoucing my challenge on social media. Everything was going great and I was even a few days ahead of my daily posts. Then in my wisdom I decided to make a bee garden and ended up in hospital a few days later with sever pins and needle and numbness on my left hand side.


To cut a long story short, I'm still in the process of trying to find out why my left hand side has indeed gone a bit funny. But thankfully it hasn't impacted my ability to draw or paint. Hooray for being right handed!

I completed my floral alphabet challenge in 31 days (not too shabby given the circumstances) and produced some new work I'm really proud of (and some that didn't quite go to plan, oh well). I also developed some new digital techniques that I'm really excited about pushing further.

In hidsight I'm a little bit conflicted as to whether I should have been a little more cohesive in my series, rather than being totally random and experimental. But overall I'm pretty happy with how it all went and plan to do more smaller scale challenges like this in the future.

Here's a gallery of my completed project. All of the illustrations are available for licensing and I'd be more than happy to expand individual pieces into bigger series for those interested. Just let me know.