Creating Collections with Victoria Johnson

I recently took Victoria Johnsons Creating Collections online course. I'd been stuck in a bit of a creative lull (lots of ideas but not really sure exactly how to execute them) and Vi

ctorias 5 week class was exactly what I was looking for.

The brief was to build a small collection week by week around the theme of birds, butterflies and blooms with the addition of a few simple patterned coordinates. I love to incorporate antipodean themes in my work and had been wanting to expand on an illustration that I created last year that featured the New Zealand fantail and other various South Pacific inspired flora and fauna. Before I knew it I had a clear plan for a lovely new body of work.

I love how the collection came out and really want to explore this theme further in the future. I've even been approached by a few lovely people on social media who want to buy some of the artwork for their homes.

I can't recommend Victoria's classes enough, she's an experienced professional artist with loads of commercial tips and tricks about how to become a working artist and what Art Directors and other industry professionals are really looking for.